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Responsive Multipage Website Using HTML CSS

đź‘‹ Welcome to our another HTML CSS Website Tutorial by Tech2 etc. In this tutorial we will Build Responsive Educational Website or an online course website step-by-step using html and css. And this page is going to be a multi-page website. If you are a beginner, then this is the right place for you.

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Now let me show you the website which we are going  to create in this tutorial👇

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Creating Navbar

For creating a multipage website, first we have to create a navbar. Because without navbar, we cannot navigate from one page to another. That’s why creating a navbar is important. Navbar can by styled in different ways. But in this navbar, in the left side we will add our logo. And in the right side, we will add the navigation links.

In the navbar, we will create multiple navlinks such as Home, about, blog etc. And each of this individual navlinks will have different URL. It means they will be connected with different pages.

Responsive Navigation Bar
Navigation Bar

This is our navigation bar. Here we have a logo and we have some navigation links.

Creating Hero Section

Hero section should be the first impression of a website. It will represent the full website in this section. Thats why it should be well designer and organized. Because first impression is the last impression. If anyone do not like your hero section, then it is a chance that half of your visitor will leave your website.

Thats why, for creating our hero section, we will add a background image of our topic. Since this is a educational website, thats why we have added an image of educational institute. Then we will add a heading. And the visitors will read this heading first from your website, so you have be very careful about adding a promising heading.

After our heading, we will add a small description about our website. It can be anything, It can be about your website.

Then we will add one or two buttons. This buttons will be called as “Call To Action” button. In this button you can add links to contact with you, or if you have any offer/service then you can add that also.

Responsive Hero Section Tech2etc
Hero Section Tech2etc

And then we have a background image, we have our background heading our paragraph and two button.

About Section

After hero section, we will add some eye catching section. And features, offers sections are one of them.

Responsive Feature Section HTML CSS Tech2etc
Feature Section HTML CSS Tech2etc

What we offer (Course Section)

Then, we will create our awesome feature section. And here in this section we have three cards with some icons, headings and paragraphs.

Responsive Course Cards HTML CSS Tech2etc
Course Cards HTML CSS Tech2etc

Newsletter section / Registration Section

You can see that we have some our popular courses section. So in our courses, here you can see that we have a course image. We have a course date, course heading, review and we have a price tag.

Responsive Registration Page HTML CSS Tech2etc
Registration Page HTML CSS Tech2etc

We have a registration option and this registration option is looking so premium with a beautiful form.

Team Section

Responsive Profile Cards HTML CSS Tech2etc
Profile Cards HTML CSS Tech2etc

We have our community experts with four profile cards with some social media icons. And this icon have also some hover effect.

Footer Section

Responsive Footer Section HTML CSS Tech2etc
Footer Section HTML CSS Tech2etc

And at the bottom we have our beautiful footer. In this footer, we have five columns and we  have a subscription option and then copyright.

Make Your Website Responsive

Responsive Website Tutorial HTML CSS Tech2etc
Responsive Website Tutorial HTML CSS

After creating our responsive website then we will make our website responsive. This is our mobile responsive preview. Now i will create this whole website step by step in a few parts and this is our part one. In our part one, we will create our home page and after that, we will make our home page responsive for mobile and tablet as well. So, let’s get started 👇

Video Tutorial 👇

How To Make Full Responsive Multi Page Website Using HTML & CSS

Checkout our complete playlist of “Build Responsive Website Using HTML and CSS Step By Step”. Also I have some free courses for you 🔥. Enroll them for free and skill up!🎉

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Tech2etc products

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