JavaScript Project For Beginners

11+ JavaScript Project Ideas For You

JavaScript Project Ideas for Beginners

This is the best way to learn a new programming language by build projects. Want to become a web developer? Then you need to start practicing your JavaScript skills as soon as possible. Once you finish your first tutorial or online course, you are ready to start with your first small project.

That’s why I have selected 10+ beginner friendly JavaScript Projects for you.

For this projects I have used these libraries,

  • HTML.
  • CSS.
  • JavaScript.

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1. Change Background Color Project.

It took me only a few minutes to finish this background color changing program. All I had to do was make a color palette and then attach a ‘click’ event listener to the button. A different background color would display once the button was pressed.

Your First JavaScript Project πŸ”₯ For Beginners.

2. Pass the Message Project.

This project requires you to choose the value of the input element from the DOM. When you click the “Submit” button, the message you typed into inputted field will appear in the “Last Message Delivered” section. This project was rather simple for me.

JavaScript Project Tutorial For Beginners πŸ”΄ Learn JavaScript With Projects.

3. Counter Project.

This project was quite simple for me. It is, after all, a beginner’s program. The concept was to click on one of two buttons to count the number of elements on the page.

JavaScript project for beginners || Learn JavaScript.

4. Background Image Slider Project.

This project is quite similar to the JavaScript Project for Testimonials. It was, however, a lot simpler for me. When an arrow is clicked on this picture slider, the next picture in the array appears.

How To Create Image Slider Using JavaScript Step By Step – JavaScript Project.

5. Testimonials Project.

This project might simply be performed with an array of objects, but I have to add a layer of complication (for beginners) by utilizing a Constructor function.

JavaScript Projects For Beginners | Responsive Testimonials Slider With HTML CSS JavaScript.

6. Filter Project.

The HTML5 dataset attribute was used to pick items from the project’s store in this project. This was only my second use of it here, and I now have a better knowledge of how to use it to obtain data from HTML components. β€œThe dataset field on the HTMLElement interface gives you read/write access to all of the element’s custom data attributes (data-*).”
To put it another way, to obtain HTML elements with a data-user = “hello” property using JavaScript, you must use HTMLElement.dataset.user to return the string “hello”. I also learnt how to use the event.PreventDefault() function to prevent in-page links from defaulting to their default behavior.
When a link lower on the page is clicked, the normal action brings the visitor to the top of the page. Previously, I just used event.PreventDefault() to prevent form submissions from defaulting to their default behavior.

Make Portfolio Filterable Image Gallery With HTML CSS & JavaScript | Filterable Gallery.

7. JavaScript Cursor Animation.

Here we will create a glowing custom cursor using JavaScript. Which will change its color after a fix amount of time.

How To Make Cursor Animation using CSS & JavaScript Step By Step – JS Animation.

8. JavaScript Filter: Make Product Search Bar.

Using JavaScript, we can create amazing projects. Lets create a search filter project with JavaScript. We will create a product search bar to filter some specific products among a list of products.

JavaScript Project | Create Product Search Engine/Bar/Filter in JavaScript.

9. Build Working Calculator Using JavaScript.

In this project, we will build a complete functional calculator app using JavaScript. We will add all the basic operations which a calculator can have. We will create addition, subtraction, multiplication, division functions. Also we will create clear function to clear the screen.

Working Calculator With JavaScript.

10. Find Images Effortlessly: Build an Image Search App with JavaScript.

In this JavaScript project, we’ll create a simple image search application from scratch. We’ll use HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build a user-friendly interface. The app allows users to search for images based on keywords, and it displays a set of initial images. Users can click on a “Show More” button to load additional images related to their search term. We’ll guide you step-by-step through the development process, covering everything from creating the HTML structure to implementing the JavaScript functionality. Subscribe to our channel and hit the bell icon to stay updated with future videos. Let’s get started!

You can use this projects to learn, improve your skills or for your portfolio.

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