Build Responsive Real-World Websites with HTML and CSS


Are you new to HTML and CSS or need a refresher? Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals of HTML and CSS in one place.

Don’t limit yourself by creating websites with some cheesy “site-builder” tool. This course teaches you how to take 100% control over your webpages by using the same concepts that every professional website is created with.

#1 Why should you learn HTML and CSS in the first place?

Knowing HTML CSS & JavaScript has allowed me to make enough money to stay home and make courses like this one for students all over the world. Being a frontend developer can allow anyone to make really good money online and offline, developing dynamic websites.
Knowing HTML, CSS and JavaScript will allow you to build complete functional websites for your clients.

#2 Advantages of HTML5 CSS3?

By creating websites, using HTML5 and CSS3 to generate refined and accurate web pages and web systems that work across devices, operating systems, and web browsers. Once you’ve written something, you can run anywhere. Because, websites created by HTML and CSS are more faster than any other

  • Good page ranking.
  • Offline browsing.
  • Consistency across multiple browsers.
  • Better mobile access than any other site builder.
  • Extension of video to a wide range of platforms.
  • Geolocation (Don’t care about your location).
  • A better user experience.

#3 Who this course is for?

  • Anyone who wants to build websites the “professional” way.
  • Designers who want to expand their skill set into HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Developers looking to build strong base on their HTML5 & CSS3 knowledge.
  • People who want to take client works / projects / jobs.

Learn Modern HTML5, CSS3 and Web Design by building a stunning website for your portfolio! Includes flexbox, CSS Grid and many more.

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